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FOIA Request Form

FOIA Request Response Time

Response time for FOIA requests is as follows:

  1. Individual Request - Five (5) business days after receipt of the request
  2. Commercial Request - Twenty-One (21) business days after receipt of the request

The KCHA reserves the right to request an extension for time to either of the above request types, given the need for the extension complies with the Freedom of Information Act Section (5 ILCS 140/3)(e) and (f).

How to Submit Your Request

Submitting your FOIA request is simple!

  1. Enter all required information and electronically submit the form below.

  2. Submit your written request for information to any KCHA administrative office.
  3. You may also mail, fax, or email your written request directly to the FOIA officer here.
  4. Be as specific as possible regarding your request.  The more information supplied in the request, the easier it will be to provide the information you are requesting.
  5. You must include your name, address, and a contact phone number so that we may contact you regarding your request.
  6. Requests may be made for any agency record not exempted under the Freedom of Information Act.

Freedom of Information Act Compliance

Transparency in who we are, what we do, and how we do business.

The State of Illinois has passed a law known as the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) (5 ILCS 140). Under FOIA, records in possession of KCHA may be accessed by the public upon written request. Under FOIA, the KCHA provides access to public records for those who request them.  Pursuant to 5 ILCS 140 Section 2, (c), a public record is any record, report, form, writing, letter, memoranda, book, paper, map, photograph, card, tape, recording, electronic data processing record, electronic communication, recorded information and all other documentary materials of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared, or having been or being used, received, possessed or under the control of any public body.

For a full transcript of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, click here.  To learn about federal agency compliance with the FOIA, click here.