Paula Sanford, Resident Commssioner (2024)

Paul J. Stewart, Commissioner (2021)




The KCHA Board of Commissioners is the governing body that determines policies and resolutions of the KCHA. The Board helps chart the direction of current and future programs and authorizes the actions of the Executive Director and his/her designees.

The KCHA Board is comprised of seven (7) Commissioners who are committed to improving the quality of life in and around the low income community.  All Commissioners must be residents of the Knox County at the time of their appointment and must continue to maintain such residence throughout the term of their office.

All seven (7) Commissioners are appointed by the Knox County Board Chair, and confirmed by a majority vote of the Knox County Board.  One Commissioner is required by the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 to be directly assisted by the Knox County Housing Authority.  The Knox County Housing Authority has determined that the process for selecting Resident Commissioners shall be a free, fair and open selection in which eligible candidates will submit letters of interest and interview with the Board of Commissioners prior to recommendation for service and appointment by the Knox County Board.

KCHA Commissioners serve terms of five (5) years.  In the event of a Resident Commissioner Vacancy, a special solicitation will be conducted within ninety (90) days of the date of the vacancy.  In the event the Resident Commissioner is no longer directly assisted through the agency, such Board member may be removed from the KCHA Board of Commissioners for that cause.  Alternatively such Board member may be allowed to complete his/her term as a member of the governing board, but may not be reappointed unless eligible at the time of appointment.

Service on the KCHA Board of Commissioners is voluntary and unpaid.

Sara Robison, Commissioner (2022)

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Joseph Riley, Commissioner (2025)

Jared Hawkinson, Vice Chair (2024)

Lomac Payton, Chairperson (2023)


Wayne Allen, Commissioner (2023)