Check Your Status on the KCHA Waiting List

HMS OWL (Online Waiting List) is a web-based service that gives applicants the ability to check their position on our waiting lists.  The HMS OWL system is a secure web-based system, and is available 24/7 for applicants to access their waiting list rank information without assistance from KCHA staff.  The waiting lists are updated nightly.

With the launch of this exciting new system, we will no longer be taking waiting list calls.  Callers seeking their position/ranking on the waiting list will be directed to this page.

New users will be required to set up a User ID and Password to access the system.  Here is a document that will help you get started!

​If you have any questions, please refer to the HMS OWL guide.

Why Waiting Lists?

It is the mission of the KCHA to ensure all persons interested in housing assistance be given an equal opportunity to apply for subsidized housing.  When a family wishes to reside in public housing, the family must submit an application that provides the KCHA with the information needed to determine the family‟s eligibility.  HUD requires placement of all eligible families that apply for public housing on a waiting list.  A waiting list is a compilation of families awaiting the determination of their eligibility for housing.  When a unit becomes available, the KCHA must select families from the waiting list in accordance with HUD requirements and agency policy as stated in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy (ACOP) and its annual plan.

The KCHA has adopted a clear approach to accepting applications, placing families on the waiting list, and selecting families from the waiting list.  The agency follows this approach consistently. The actual order in which families are selected from the waiting list can be affected if a family has certain characteristics designated by HUD or the KCHA to receive preferential treatment (preferences).  Preferences do not guarantee admission. Rather, they establish the order of placement on the waiting list.  Preferences are granted to applicants who are otherwise qualified and who, at the time of the unit offer(prior to execution of a lease), meet the definitions of the preferences as described in the PHA's ACOP.  Preferences are verified the same way as income, assets and deductions.

KCHA maintains a community-wide waiting list, organized in such a manner that the KCHA can easily identify the date and time the application was submitted, the applicant’s preferences for admission, the size and type of unit needed, and other decision-making factors. The KCHA maintains one waiting list for mixed occupancy developments and another for general occupancy developments.

If the KCHA determines from the information provided that a family is ineligible, the family will not be placed on the waiting list. Where a family is determined to be ineligible, the PHA will send written notification of the ineligibility determination within 10 business days of receiving a completed application. The notice will specify the reasons for ineligibility, and will inform the family of its right to request an informal hearing and explain the process for doing so.

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